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太郎坊宮(阿賀神社) Taroubou-guu(Aga-jinjya) Tarobo Shrine (Aga Shrine)

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Tarobo Shrine (Aga Shrine) is probably some 1400 years old. Praying at the shrine is believed to bring good luck, protection from ill fortune and business prosperity.

The main deity at Tarobo Shrine is 'Masaka-Akatsukachi-Hayahiameno-Oshi-Homimi-No-Mikoto'. Around the main building, there are peculiar rocks called 'iwaza'. There is also a husband-and-wife rock pair. There used to be a single standing rock, but legend has it that it was smote in two by a deity. It is said that any liar who tries to pass through the gap in the two rocks will become wedged.

From the observation tower, one can see beautiful natural scenery.

Also, the shrine has another name, Tarobo-san.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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