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播州毛鉤 bansyuu-kebari Banshu Fishing Flies

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Banshu fishing fly is a traditional handicraft handed down in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Pref. since the Edo period. The craft was designated as a National Traditional Craft Product in 1989. Banshu fishing flies are used for mountain stream fishing (sweetfish, and Japanese local trout of Yamame or Iwana). Making a fly requires exquisite and high-leveled techniques, by which elaborate work is given to a tiny fishing hook less than 1 cm long to create a perfect lure mimicking an insect in the water. The techniques of Banshu fishing flies were introduced to Banshu province (present-day the western part of Hyogo Pref.) from Kyoto in the late Edo period. Since then the craft has been preserved as a second work of the local farmers. The techniques had been developed with the times and Banshu flies won a number of prizes at Fishery Fairs held during the Meiji period, as a result of which the quality of Banshu flies were recognized by nationwide fishermen. Today Banshu is the main producing center of fishing flies dominating the large part of the market.

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Tanba City, Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Banshu Fishing Flie Cooperative Union

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