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本場黄八丈 Honba-Kihatijou Honba-kihachijo Fabric

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Honba-kihachijo fabric is a graceful, yellow, brown and black cloth woven in Hachijo, Hachijo Island, Tokyo.

In former times, people from Tokyo passed the techniques of silk production to Hachijo Island. The islanders developed the technique in the Muromachi period, and presented their silk fabrics as tribute.

In the Kanei period, the island craftsmen started to weave an 'eagle-colored' fabric using camphor bark. In the Kansei period, they developed the dyeing techniques used for the production of kihachijo.

Kihachijo's characteristics are its unique dyeing and weaving techniques that were developed in Hachijo's island climate. The colors are mainly yellow, brown and black, and are all natural vegetable dyes from the island.

Kihachijo does not discolor, in fact, the more you wash it, the more vivid it becomes.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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