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能面 老女 Noumen Roujo Noh Mask Rojo

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The Rojo mask, or sometimes called Rojo Komachi, is said to represent aged Ono no Komachi, who was known as a woman of matchless beauty in the Heian period (794-1192). Having a gentle countenance, this mask expresses inner beauty of a woman with decency and spirituality. Though it portrays an old woman, the details of the mask do not differ from other female masks except that the cheeks are bony. It has no wrinkles, either. The Rojo mask is used in the plays expressing the declining years of Ono no Komachi such as “Sekidera Komachi” and “Omu Komachi.” It is also used in the plays “Sotoba Komachi,” “Higaki” and “Ubasute.”

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Noh Mask Rojo

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