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能面 釈迦 Noumen Shaka Noh Mask Shaka

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The Shaka mask represents Shakamuni Buddha. This mask is only used in the play “Daie.” In the plot, a Tengu living in Mt. Atagoyama one day visits a priest performing the ascetic practices in Mt. Hiei. As the Tengu was saved his life by this priest before, he says he would gratify whatever wish the priest has. The priest replies that he wishes he could see Gautama Buddha’s Great Assembly at Mt. Gridrakuta. The Tengu wears the Shaka musk and mimics Gautama Buddha’s preach. Deeply moved to see Buddha’s preach, the priest bows the knee to the Tengu in spite of himself, with which Taishakuten (Lord of the Center) gets very angry because the holy Buddha-dharma was corrupted by a low creature of Tengu. Taishakuten destroys the illusionary assembly and punishes the Tengu. As the Shaka mask is worn over the Tengu mask, it is larger than other masks. In this play, the quick transformation scene is the highlight.

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Noh Mask Shaka

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