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御陣場山 Gojinba-yama The Ruins of Gojinbayama Encampment

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Gojinbayama Hill in Tomai City, Miyagi Prefecture, is the ruins of encampment set up by Date Masamune during the Azuchi Momoyama period (1568-1598). The stone monument explaining Masamune’s feat is erected at the top of the hill.

After the Siege of Odawara, Toyotomi Hideyoshi took the measure of Oshu Shioki (punitive action) against the powerful clans in the Tohoku region who had not joined his attack operation on Odawara Castle. The Kasai and Osaki clans, the previous rulers of the southern Tohoku region, who had been deprived of their territories by Oshu Shioki, rebelled against Hideyoshi in 1591 and besieged Sanuma Castle, where Kimura Yoshikiyo, the local lord and his son Kiyohisa barricaded themselves. Having received the order to put down the rebellion by Hideyoshi, Date Masamune marched onto the castle and saved the Kimura’s. Gojinbayama is where he set up his base camp at this battle.
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