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犬江釜峡 Kenkoufu-kyo Kenkofu-kyo Canyon

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Kenkofu-kyo Canyon is a beautiful scenic spot located near the region where the Ono and Notsu rivers join in Ono, Bungo, Oita Prefecture.

Kenkofu-kyo Canyon is also known as a place cherished by Tanomura Chikuden, a famous writer of the late-Edo period, and is said to have been named by Chikuden himself.

By the shores of the Kenkofu-kyo, the mountain scenery is like a Nanga (Southern Painting). Various large rocks such as the Senganga-iwa, Meoto-iwa and Sennin-ana, along with the varying colors of trees in the four seasons, illustrate a somewhat nostalgic, yet eloquent scene.

There is also a park where camping, canoeing and other outdoor activities may be enjoyed. Different canoeing meets are held at this place, from the National Athletic Meet to various other competitions.
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佐賀錦 Saga-nishiki Saga Nishiki

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Saga Nishiki is a traditional hand-woven fabric made in Saga Pref.. For Saga Nishiki, Japanese paper coated with gold, silver or lacquer and cut into strips is used as the warp, and dyed silk thread is passed through the paper strips. Various traditional patterns such as Ajiro (bamboo), Saya (Buddhist cross), and Hishi (diamond) are woven out. The origin of this craft dates back to the early Edo period (about 190 years ago), when a widow of the domain lord of Nabeshima Clan in Hizen-Kashima was inspired to make a woven fabric when she saw a bamboo ceiling. The technique was improved as time went on, and the design and expression has been widened. At present the intricate figures such as the natural flowers, birds, and scenery are woven out in addition to the original twilled fabric. Since the exquisite techniques are required and only a small piece can be woven each day, these fabrics are mainly manufactured into small items like handbags. This gorgeous and elegant fabric is highly evaluated as a work of art and called “the ultimate” of the traditional handicraft in Japan.
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Results 1 - 2 of 2 articles          
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