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白山渓谷 Hakusan-keikoku Hakusan Ravine

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Hakusan River includes the Nakatsumure and Okubata rivers. Its water is included among Japan's top 100 waters as well as top 100 village waters.

The ravine formed by these rivers features a rock called Hoge-Iwa, which legend has it was cut from the cliff by an ogre. There is also a limestone cave, something rare in Japan, called Ineseki, which is said to have been formed about 200,000 years ago. The cave took its present shape when the area was submerged following the erupting of Mt Aso 85,000 years ago.

Other natural features in the area are Ayukaeri no Taki, a V-shaped waterfall that descends through a continuous series of seven falls, as well as the 30m-high waterfall called Shikaotoshi no Taki. In summer, the appearance of thousands of fireflies makes a glorious view. The water is suitable for drinking. In the open space beside the ravine is a cenotaph bestowed by an Oita general for the attainment of the water.
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