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銚子ヶ滝 Tyoushiga-taki Toshiga Waterfall

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The name of Toshiga Waterfall comes from the resemblance of the waterfall's shape to a toshi bottle of sake.

Toshiga Waterfall is approximately 48m high and 27m wide, and is one of the most prominent waterfalls of the Adatara Mountains.

There is a legend that a dragon god lives deep within the basin of the waterfall and would bring rain to the region if a young woman was sacrificed. It is said that after hearing this, the daughter of the regional lord plunged herself into the basin, and saved the lives of countless villagers who were suffering from drought.

Due to the abundant water flow and high water quality, part of the river is blocked in order to secure water for daily use, irrigation and aquafarming.

There is a hiking course near the waterfall; it passes through a rich natural area, well maintained with rest spots and signposts. It is a popular spot for cooling off in the summer, and viewing the reddening leaves in autumn.
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震動の滝 Sindou-no-taki Shindo Waterfall

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Shindo Waterfall, near the town of Kokonoe in Kusu, Oita Prefecture, is one of Japan's top 100 waterfalls.

The site of the waterfall is in the south of Kyusui Valley on the Naruko River. The water drops from a height of 93m and is very beautiful though there is no basin at the bottom of the falls.

A hot spring, with water that reaches a temperature of 38 degrees, issues from the left side of the waterfall, while the right side features two calcareous caves that also have hot springs inside. The name 'shindo' ('tremble' in English) comes from the idea that even the surrounding mountains tremble when they hear the brave waterfall.

The waterfall is connected to the legend of a dragon-god whose power was weakening and who asked for a girl to be sacrificed for him. When the local people refused, the god dried-up the flow of water and blew fire into the village. Eventually, the people made an offering, but one of rice cakes, not a girl. In short, Shindo Waterfall is remarkable for its sense of bravery, heroism and wonder.
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