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観音寺川 Kannonji-gawa Kannonji River Cherry Trees

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In spring, visitors are able to enjoy walking through a pink corridor formed by a total of 165 cherry blossom trees blooming on both banks of the Kannonji River.

Most of the trees are 40 to 90 years old while some exceed this. The contrast between the snowy Bandai Mountains is beautiful, and the Inawashiro cherry trees blossom later than usual for cherry blossom trees.

The blossom petal blizzards of May are splendid, and one may feel the presence of spring after walking through the corridor of blossoms while viewing the grand landscape of the Bandai Mountains and Lake Inawashiro.

A highly recommended spot for viewing the cherry blossom is from Yanagibashi Bridge near Ooyamazumi Shrine. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the blossoms of a 130 year old weeping cherry tree with a trunk circumference of 2.8m at Kannonji Temple. A Cherry Blossom Festival is also held during mid- through late April.
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鮎帰りの滝 Ayugaeri-no-taki Ayugaeri-no-taki Waterfall

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Ayugaeri-no-taki (Waterfall of Returning Sweetfish) is a small waterfall found along the Yamakuni River in Sankousugi, Nakatsu, Oita Prefecture. The origin of the name comes from the story of a young sweetfish that was moving up the Yamakuni River but could not get past this waterfall.

Ayugaeri-no-taki has a width of 10 meters and is the only waterfall along the Yamakuni River. It is located in the center of a flood plain, and forms a miniature waterfall. There are many waterfalls named 'Ayugaeri-no-taki', but this one, seen along National Route 212, is the most humble.

The way the water splashes onto the surface below along with droplets sprayed into the air, all occurring just between two simple, rustic boulders, is absolutely beautiful. There are many views with these kinds of strangely shaped rocks along the National Route in this area, making it a very interesting place. Ayugaeri-no-taki is a notable scenic beauty spot that is appreciated for its sense of secrecy.
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赤目四十八滝 Akame-sijuuhachi-taki Akame 48 Waterfalls

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Akame 48 (Shijuhachi) Waterfalls are located in Akame Town, Nabari City, Mie prefecture, and are part of a beauty spot where a pure stream runs through deep forest.

The river leading to the waterfalls runs east to west from Mie prefecture to Nara prefecture. There is a 4 kilometer walk along the banks of the river, from where you can observe the beauty of each season: cherry blossom, summer verdure and fall leaves, in addition to the waterfalls.

The name Akame comes from the story that Enno Gyoja, a founder of the Shugen-do sect, saw the Fudo King riding a cow with red eyes (in Japanese, 'akame' means 'red eyes').

Akame's five major waterfalls (Fudo, Sente, Nunobiki, Ninai and Biwa) are included among Akame's 48 waterfalls. Akame 48 Waterfalls have also been selected as among Japan's 100 major waterfalls, 100 best forest-bathing spots and 100 best river walks. You can happily hike or take it easy in the woods.
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Results 1 - 3 of 3 articles          
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