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シオジ原生林 Sioji-genseirin Shioji Primeval Forest

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Shioji Primeval Forest is in Maetsue-machi, Hita, Oita Prefecture. The primeval shioji tree is a waterside deciduous broadleaf tree native to Japan.

Shioji forest spreads for 3ha across the hills of Shakadake in western Maetsue and is a precious primeval forest, where Japan's few remaining shioji trees can be seen in their natural state. The annual rainfall of this forest zone is over 3000mm, making it very damp and humid. Many varieties of moss and low plants thrive in this environment, as well as rare insects and small animals that are the subjects of scientific study.

The water that wells out from the soft soil and the rich forest is plentiful in minerals and forms the headwaters of the Chikugo River. In addition to shioji, many other deciduous broadleaf trees grow near the forest, including beech and maple.

The primeval shioji forest is an example of a preserved area that reveals a part of Japan's original environment.
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大分 権現滝 Ooita Gongendaki Oita Gongen Waterfall

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Gongen Waterfall is a narrow yet majestic waterfall located in Maetsuemachi, in Hita, Oita Prefecture. The waterfall is 15m high but only 5m wide.

Gongen Waterfall is near a narrow path that heads toward Shakage-dake from Ideno on prefectural road No.673. It flows alongside a walkway 200m from the sign. Around the upper reaches of the waterfall, there is a natural forest of shioji (a waterside deciduous broad-leaf tree); the scene created by the red leaves of these trees in autumn is really impressive.

The waters of Gongen Waterfall come from springs that well out from the shioji primeval forest of Gozen-dake. Many small streams gather to flow down the deep valley and become the waterfall.

The young vivid-green leaves of early summer, the crimson leaves of autumn, and the scenery from the summit of the mountain are all breathtaking whenever you see them. Gongen Waterfall in Oita is a place that allows people to feel the breath of nature, and to indulge in deep emotions.
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