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笛吹神社 Fuefuki-jinjya Fuefuki Shrine

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Fuefuki Shrine is located in Fuefuki, Katsuragi, Nara Prefecture. The official name of the shrine is Katsuragi Niimasu Hono-Ikazuchi Shrine. Its main gods are Honoikazuchi and Amenokaguyama.

Fuefuki Shrine was established during the Jinnmu Emperor period. It is recorded in the 'Engishiki Jinmyo Notebook' which was probably made in 927.

Many musicians and fire fighters visit the shrine due to the presence of gods of music and fire. In the New Year, a dedication musical performance takes place.

Within the shrine grounds there is a natural monument, the Ichiigashi Forest, as well as giant ancient trees.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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