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能面 深井 Noumen Fukai Noh Mask Fukai

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The Fukai mask portrays a middle-aged woman. As the word “fuka(i)” means “deep,” it is said that the mask expresses the depth of mind acquired by going through hardships of life, or the depth of facial expressions created by deep sorrow.

The Fukai mask is mainly used for the distraught mother in “Sumida-gawa” who comes from Kyoto to Tokyo in search of her son, who had been stolen by slave traders. This mask is distinguished by its wrinkle-like dimples on hollow cheeks, winkled chin and hollowed eyes. Totally, the face has clear-cut features.

The Fukai mask is used with somber-colored costume like brown, indigo blue or yellow green. It is also used for the plays such as “Miidera,” “Sakuragawa” and “Hyakuman.”

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Noh Mask Fukai

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