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三筋の滝 Misuji-no-taki Misuji Waterfall

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Misuji Waterfall drops from the Tashiro River, which flows between mountains in Tashiro, near Shigaraki in Kouga district, Shiga Prefecture.

It is called Misuji Waterfall because the water drops in three parts. Besides the fall, there is a resting place to view the scenery. The waterfall is about 15m high and carries a large volume of water. At the bottom, is a broad water pool. The combination of the 'movement' of the falling water and the 'silence' of this spot can be felt in one's bones. In the tranquil atmosphere of the mountains, the water splashing creates a brisk sound. Such an atmosphere could never be felt in big cities.

Besides the waterfall, one can enjoy hiking amongst nature. Misuji Waterfall is an excellent summer retreat due to its coolness.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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