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下時国家 Shimo-tokikunike Shimo-Tokikuni House

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Shimo-Tokikuni House was the home of Taira-no-Tokikuni, a descendant of the Taira clan. After the battle of Dannoura, Taira-no-Tokitada was banished to Noto. He settled in Wajima, where his descendant Taira-no-Tokikuni was born.

Tokikuni replaced the family name Taira with Tokikuni. He helped poorer farmers in Wajima and became a wealthy farmer himself to gain the people's trust. In the Edo period, he was allowed to have a family name and carry a sword as village head.

In the time of the 13th Tozaemon, Tokiyasu, his second son, Sensho, established a new family branch called Shimo-Tokikuni. He served as inspector for the domain's salt or wood and the family flourished.

The house existing now is said to have been built in the 10th year of the Kanbun period (1670), but this is not sure. It is a big Oku-Noto style farmer's house with a large earthen floor. The garden is designated as a National Scenic Spot. The house was dedicated to the Antoku Emperor, who died in the Dannoura War, and is called Tokikuni House Enshrining Noto Antoku.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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