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神角寺 Jinkaku-ji Jinkakuji Temple

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Jinkakuji is a Shingon (Japanese Esoteric) Buddhist temple located on Mt Jinkakuji in Oita Prefecture. It is also called the Koyasan-shingonshu-nyoisan and the Shakunage (Rhododendron) Temple.

The original temple built by a monk from Silla Korea in 570 was destroyed in a battle in 1196. However, during the Jyuji-Kanmitsu period, the Otomo Family restored six residences for monks, and one of these residences located in the east became the main temple of Jinkaku.

Jinkakuji's main temple has a brilliantly curved eave made in a hogyotsukuri (pyramid-shape) style and is tiled in the hiwadabuki style using tiles and cypress shingles. The pair of wooden kongorikishi guardian statues located at the temple gate demonstrate the Unkei sculpture style and have been designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan along with the main temple.

More than 500 rhododendron trees, all at least 100 years of age, grow in one corner of the temple grounds, and a rhododendron festival is held each year from the end of April to May.
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八ツ淵の滝 Yatubuchi-no-taki Yatsubuchi Waterfall

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Yatsubuchi Waterfall has been selected as one of Japan's top 100 waterfalls, and is located in Shishigase, Takashima, Shiga Prefecture.

It is situated on Mt Buna (1214m) in the Hira mountain ranges. From the name 'Yatsubuchi' (which means 'eight waterfalls') we can see that it has eight falls: Uodome-no-buchi, Shoujiga Fall, Karateno Fall, Osuribuchi, Kosuribuchi, Byobuga Fall, Kibunega Fall and Shichihengaeshi.

The water that flows through the falls is transparent, clear and fresh. There are several smaller waterfalls other than the former ones and they also flow through the woods and granite rocks.

Growing in the granite area around the falls are plants such as rhododendron, Diapensiaceae and azalea. A walk through the valley to observe the wild birds and plants is enjoyable, while it is also perfect to hike in the fresh green summer season or during the autumn leaves.
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