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天狗の庭 Tengu-no-niwa Tengu Garden

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Tengu Garden features scenery in which the legend of the long-nosed Tengu goblin might well come true. It is a plain that small Tengu might have flown around to mountainous areas. One can imagine a Tengu playing in this area.

In autumn, the red foliage becomes very beautiful. One can enjoy the scenery by driving along the Bandai Azuma Skyline road. There are yellow leaves of Betula ermanii and red leaves of maple and azalea beside the former road. The leaves are not only beautiful in autumn, but also in summer, when they are an extreme green.

The mysterious feeling of Tengu flying in the skies around here can be felt in one's bones in this 'special' area.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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