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コマカ島 Komaka-tou Komaka Island

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Komaka Island is an uninhabited island about 800 meters in circumference and surrounded by white sandy beaches. It lies off Chinen-son in Okinawa.

This area is a must for all marine sports, including snorkeling, diving, swimming and observing the many different colorful tropical fish near the beach. During the summer, many people camp on the island, from where at night they can see the skies full of beautiful stars. From late May to fall, the heartwarming sight of migratory ajisashi (common terns) nesting on the island, laying eggs and raising chicks can be seen.

By walking around the island, nearby islands such as Kudakajima and Tsukenjima can be seen. The island is small enough to walk around in about 15 minutes, and the shallow sea stretches out far and wide.

It seems as if this island came straight out of a fairy tale, like a petite, lovely island floating on the vast open sea.

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Chinen-komakatou, Nanjou, Okinawa Prefecture, 901-1503
Chinen Sea Recreation Center

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