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有峰湖 Arimine-ko Arimine Lake

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Arimine Lake is an artificial lake created by the construction of the Arimine Dam. The dam took five years to build. Efforts were taken to ensure that the natural surroundings were protected and the Arimine Forest Cultural Village was established. As a result, the area has remained unspoilt and has been designated as the Toyama Natural Park, National Rest Home and one of Japan's top 100 forests and water sources.

The fresh green and red leaves of the beech, oak and maple trees are wonderful. A sight of particular beauty is that of red leaves in autumn with the snow-covered Mt. Yakushi in the background. Wadagawa Valley, which lies between Komi and the dam, is so beautiful it will take your breath away. And it's not just the scenery that's so attractive, but the natural treasury of precious plants and wild birds. 

The camping area at the shoreside is popular for people who like the outdoors.
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黒部湖 Kurobe-ko Kurobe Lake

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Kurobe Lake is an artificial lake formed by the completion of Kurobe Dam in 1963. It is located near the town of Tateyama in Toyama Prefecture, at the foot of the Japan North Alps.

Meltwater from the North Alps runs into the lake, which is surrounded by original beech forest. The emerald green water is very beautiful with the Tateyama and Ushiro Tateyama mountain ranges reflected on the lake's quiet surface.

At 1448m, the lake offers the highest point in Japan where you can take a cruise. Comfortable cruises are available from 1 June to 10 November. You will be moved by the beauty of the North Alps and the sight of the majestic trees changing through the four seasons. From late September to early October, the beech trees at the shore turn from green to yellow, adding a vivid touch to the mystery of the scenery.
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三島池 Mishimaike Mishima Pond

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Mishima Pond is a reservoir created 700 years ago for agricultural purposes and is located in Maibara, Shiga prefecture. The pond is elliptical with a perimeter of 780m and a total area of 39000㎡. There is a deep relationship between the pond and Mishima shrine.

Since ancient times, the pond has been something of a nature reserve for birds, animals, fish and shellfish. The water is fresh and cold with a depth of about 50cm. The pond is a habitat for various waterbirds and a resting stop for migrating birds.

Miyashima Pond is also called Hiyashi Pond after a legend that a woman named Hiyashagozen heard a prophecy of her death and drowned herself here to stop a drought. It is believed that before her sacrifice, she was weaving. To this day, people say that on rainy nights the sound of her weaving can be heard.

The lake is also a site for cherry-blossoms. In April, the magnificent harmony of blossoms and Mt Ibuki can be seen reflected in the lake.
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Results 1 - 3 of 3 articles          
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