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静岡 松蔭寺 Shizuoka Syouin-ji Shizuoka Shoinji Temple

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Shoinji Temple located in Hara, Numazu City, Shizuoka Pref. is an old temple belonging to Hakuin school of the Rinzai sect. The principal object of worship is Shaka Nyorai. The temple was established in 1279 by Priest Tensho. In 1648, Daizui, the priest from the town of Okitsu, revived the declined temple and it belonged to the Myoshinji sect at this time.
It was when the master Zen monk Hakuin Ekaku became the 5th resident priest in 1717 that the temple began to be flourished. Born in the village of Hara, Hakuin imposed strict ascetic training and simple meals on himself. To hear this, as many as 400 ascetic monks from all over the nation visited this temple to be the disciples of Hakuin, which made the temple name known nationwide. Hakuin has been respectfully called the reviver of the Rinzai sect. It has been commonly said since old times that there are two things that are too good for Suruga; Mt. Fuji and Hakuin of Hara.
The calligraphic works and ink paintings by Hakuin are preserved at Shoinji Temple. Among them, his commentary on the Lotus Sutra is a prefecturally designated Important Cultural Property. In the precinct is Hakuin’s grave, which is visited by a lot of people even today.

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128 Hara, Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan 410-0312
Shoinji Temple

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