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大安寺 Daian-ji Daianji Temple

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Daianji is a temple of the Shingon sect. It is situated on Mt Koya, Nara Prefecture, and is one of the Nanto seven temples.

The origin of Daianji is said to be Kumagori Temple, which Shotoku Taishi built in Nara. After that, the temple was moved and renamed many times. It has been known as Kudara-o-ji temple, Takaichi-o-ji temple and Daikan-o-ji temple.

When the capital was relocated to Heijo-kyo, the temple settled in its present place.

In the Nara period, the temple was the most prosperous of its day; many important figures in Buddhist history trained here, such as: Yoei, who guided Ganjin in Japan; Gyohyo, an instructor of Saicho; and Gonso, an instructor of Kukai.

Now, there are nine Buddha statues of the Tenpyo, Nara period such as a main statue, a wooden 11-faced Kannon statue, a wooden 1000-hand Kannon statue and a wooden Fuku-kenjaku Kannon statue. All the statues have been designated as Important Cultural Assets.

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2-18-1 Daianji, Nara, Nara Prefecture, 630-8133
Daianji Temple

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