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Gogo-an is a hut located in the precincts of Kokujyo Temple on the mountainside of Mt. Kugami, Tsubame City (old Wakemizu-mach) Niigata Pref. and designated as a prefecture’s Historical Site. This is said to be the hermit hut of Ryokan, a monkof Sodoshu (a Buddhist sect), poet and chirographer in the Edo period. Ryokan is said to have lived here for 12 years, from 48 years old to 59, after his nationwide pilgrim journey. The name “gogo” comes from the story that Ryokan was contributed gogo (five cups) of rice from the resident priest of Kokujyo Temple every day. The simple hut with thatch roof is 3.6 meters wide and 2.7 meters deep, only with an area of present 6 jo (6 tatami mats). Here Ryokan did zazen, read classics, made poems and went about asking for alms. He was contented with honest poverty all through his life and might have attained a state of perfect self-effacement here.

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