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百済寺 Hyakusai-ji Hyakusai Temple

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Located on the slope of Mt Oshitate (771.8m), Hyakusai Temple is one of the oldest temples in Kotosanzan and used to be known as Kudara Temple.

During the Heian period, Hyakusai Temple changed its principal belief to the Tendai school of Buddhism and began to flourish as a large temple. Back then, it used to have over 300 towers. However, because of wars most of them were burned down and now only the principal images and some main monuments are left.

When walking along the path from the main gate, plains can be seen beside the road. The path has an atmosphere similar to the approach to Ando castle. It is counted as one of Kotosanzan's temples, and many people are attracted to the subtle ambience of the temple.

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323 Hyakusaiji-cho, Higashi-omi, Shiga Prefecture, 527-0144
Hyakusai Temple

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