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華蔵寺 Kezou-ji Kezo Temple

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Kezo Temple is located in Kira-cho, Hazu-gun, Aichi Prefecture.

Kezo Temple belongs to the Shingon Buddhist sect. The temple has a history of 1600 years and it is believed that Kira Yoshisada established it for the Kira family. There is a magnificent garden behind the main building. In addition, the temple is the site of the grave of Kira Kozunosuke Yoshihisa, who appears in the 'Chuingura'.

Also in the main building are 44 pictures of 'The Beauty of Nature' drawn by Ikeno Taiga. Usually the pictures may not be viewed, except in the New Year, when they are displayed.

A wooden statue created by Kira Kozunosuke Yoshihisa, is designated as cultural asset of the prefecture. Kira Yoshihara is commemorated every year on the 4th December.

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59 Aza Sannozan, Okayama, Kira-cho, Hazu-gun, Aichi Prefecture, 444-0531
Kezo Temple

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