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阿紀神社 Aki-jinja Aki Shrine

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Aki Shrine is an old shrine in Uda, Nara Prefecture. It was established when Jinmu-Tosei took place, which is the movement of the Jinmu Emperor traveling east.

The Jinmu Emperor established the shrine to worship Amaterasu. Therefore, Amaterasu is the principle image. The main building is made in the same style as Ise shrine, and the barage board penetrates the roof. Also, the 'katsuogi' is aligned on the ridge.

Within the shrine grounds, there is a stage for Noh performances, which were first performed here from the early Edo period. The performances stopped in the Taisho period, but were revived in 1992. Now, the performances are known as Akino Hotaru Noh and are performed in June.

In front of the shrine, Kagirohi Hill spreads out. The hill appears in a poem by Kakinomoto no Hitomaro. In winter, the scenery is marvellous.

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252 Hasama, Ouda-ku, Uda, Nara Prefecture, 633-2166
Aki Shrine

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