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石上神宮 Isonokami-jinguu Isonokami Jingu Shrine

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Isonokami Jingu is a shrine located in Tenri City, Nara Pref. It is also called “Isonokami Furu Jingu” or “Isonokami Futsu no Mitama Shrine,” for it is said that the shrine originates in the story that Ikagashikoo no Mikoto of Mononobe clan enshrined the royal sward of “Futsu no Mitama no Tsurugi,” which had been worshipped at the Imperial court, at this place during the reign of Emperor Sujin (B.C. 97-30). From this story, the shrine is thought to be the oldest shrine in Japan. During the reign of Emperor Suinin (B.C. 29-A.D. 70), 1,000 swards were dedicated to the shrine and later another sacred sward of “Ame no Habakiri” was also dedicated. The shrine had flourished until the end of Heian period (794-1185), but began to decline from the Kamakura period onward. In 1874, the sacred body of “Futsu no Mitama no Tsurugi” sward was excavated and the present main hall was built at the excavation site. In the ancient times there was no main hall at this shrine. Instead, the sanctuary area was enclosed with the hedge made of stones with sward-shaped heads. No visitors have been allowed to step into the sanctuary since the age of the gods.

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384 Furu-cho, Tenri, Nara Prefecture, 632-0014
Isonokami Jingu Shrine

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