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大和神社 Ooyamato-jinja Oyamato Shrine

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Oyamato Shrine is located in Tenri City, Nara Pref. It was called “Yamato no Miya” in ancient times. It is said that Emperor Sujin (B.C. 97-30), who was afraid of the sacred power of Okunitama no Okami, which was enshrined at the Imperial Place with Amaterasu Okami, ordered his daughter, Nunaki Iri Hime, to relocate it to this place. Later the emperor built the shrine here, assigning Ichishi no Nagaoichi as the head priest. In the early Heian period, the shrine was flourished and possessed the second largest shrine territory next to Ise shrine. However with the capital relocation to Kyoto, the shrine fell into decline. From the nominal link, the deity of this shrine was imparted to Battle Ship Yamato, and the war memorial stone for the crew on Yamato is placed in the precinct. Annual festival of “Chan Chan Festival,” in which a parade of people in ancient costume walk through the town, carrying mikoshi and beating shoko (bronze gongs), is enjoyed by people as the charming sight of the spring.

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306 Niizumi-cho, Tenri, Nara Prefecture, 632-0057
Oyamato Shrine

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