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平城宮跡 朱雀門(世界遺産) Heijyou-kyuu-ato Suzaku-mon Heijokyu Palace Site, Suzaku-mon Gate (World Heritage Site)

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Heijokyu Palace and its Suzaku-mon Gate located in the northern part of Nara City, Nara Pref. are registered World Heritage Site. Heijokyu Palace was the Daidairi (the Greater Palace) of the capital city, Heijokyo (710-794). The square palace with an area of 120 ha surrounded by 5-meter high Tsuiji-style walls, each side of which had 3 gates respectively, and then there were 12 gates in total. Suzaku-mon Gate was erected in the center of the south side. It is a huge gate with as tall as 24 m. Heijokyo was abandoned after the capital relocation to Heiankyo (present-day Kyoto) and had been used as farmland for a long time. But in the later periods, a large-scale excavation researches were carried out and a lot of precious artifacts were discovered as well as the underground structures that are incomparable worldwide.
In 1998, Suzaku-mon Gate and Toin Garden were restored. The thickly-red painted magnificent gate lets tourist enjoy the splendor of the ancient capital.

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Saki-cho, Nara, Nara Prefecture, Japan 630-8003
Heijokyu Palace Site, Suzaku-mon Gate

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