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奈良 二上山 Nara Nijyou-san Mt. Nijo

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Mt. Nijo is in the northern end of Kongo mountains located on the border of Kamori, Katsuragi City, Nara Pref. and Taishi-cho, Minami Kawachi-gun, Osaka Pref. In the ancient times it was called Mt. Futakamiyama (in Japanese reading). Considered as a sacred mountain, it has been worshipped by people. The mountain has two peaks of Odake and Medake. The higher one in the north is Odake Peak (517 m) and the one in the south is Medake Peak (474 m). The mountain is said to have been formed by the volcanic eruption about 20 million years ago. The last active period is presumed to have been about 14 million years ago.
The mountain area was improved into Manyo no Mori (Manyo Forest) Natural Park ten years ago, where hikers can enjoy seasonal flowers such as Japanese plum, cherry and hydrangea. The ruins of stone-cut temple in the Nara period (710-794) and the tomb of the tragic prince Otsu no Miko are located along the trail up the mountain. Mt. Nijo has been a mountain of great brilliancy ever since the immemorial times.

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Nara Prefecture / Oosaka Prefecture
Mt. Nijo

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