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金峯神社 Kinpu-jinja Kinpu Shrine

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Kinpu Shrine is located in Yoshinoyama, Yoshino-cho, Nara Pref. It enshrines Kanayamahiko no Mikoto and Kanayama Himegami. Kanayamahiko no Mikoto is the deity who guards the land of Yoshinoyama and gold mine. It was once thought that there were gold mines in this area, which was called “Mikane no Take,” meaning the mountain of gold. One ancient literature says, “Mt. Kinpu is covered with gold.”
Located in Oku-no-Senbon,” the deepest part of Mt. Yoshino, it is very cool even in summer with old cedar and cherry trees covering the precinct. Going down the path beside the shrine, you will find the pagoda called “Yoshitsune Kakure-to,” where Yoshitsune hid himself from his pursuers. Kinpu Shrine is used as an ashram of Shugendo, where hundreds of mountain practitioners in Yamabushi costume drop in on their way to Ominesanji Temple at the top of Mt. Sanjogatake.

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1292 Yoshino-yama, Yoshino-cho, Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture, Japan 639-3115
Kinpu Shrine

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