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八幡宮来宮神社 Hachiman-guu-kinmiya-jinjya Hachimangu Kinomiya Shrine

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Hachimangu Kinomiya Shrine located in Yawatano, Ito City, Shizuoka Pref. is a shrine that is full of nature and tradition. The enshrined deities are Honda Wake no Mikoto and Ihakura Wake no Mikoto. The legend has it that the deity of this shrine drifted on a vase and reached the rock bed called Kongotsu near the present shrine. People worshipped this deity in the cave near the beach and later transferred it to the present location. This shrine is actually composed of two shrines; the one in the right is Hachimangu Shrine and the left is Kinomiya Shrine. The existing Honden (the main hall) was built in 1795 and Haiden (the hall of oratory) in 1824, both of which were built by excellent carpenters all over Izu Peninsula. Huge trees of Castanopsis cuspidataI, Japanese evergreen oak, cedar, and Japanese conifer as well as broad leaf evergreen trees in temperate climate and tropical ferneries grow in the precinct. This is also the northernmost wild boundary of Angiopteris lygodiifolia. The whole wood in the precinct is designated as a nationally protected species.

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1 Yawatano, Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0232
Hachimangu Kinomiya Jinjya

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