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田島神社 Tajima-jinjya Tajima Shrine

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Many people visit Tajima Shrine, one of the oldest shrines in Kyushu region, to pray for business success and safe marine traffic. The enshrined are three marine guardian goddesses of Tagiri-himemikoto, Ichikishima-himemikoto, and Takitsu-himemikoto, whom the pirates of the Matsura Tribe and fishermen working around the Genkai Sea asked for help when they were in danger at sea. The ancient record of Matsura Kojiki says that Wakatakeou (Prince Yamatotakeru’s son) was jointly enshrined in 731 during the reign of the emperor Shomu and that Otomo-no-Komaro visited the shrine by Imperial command and bestowed the title of “Tajima Daimyojin (the great shrine).” In the precinct are other must-see sights such as “Sayohime shrine,” which enshrines the princess of Matsura Tribe, the rock that a Mongolian ship used as an anchor, and the “Taiko-seki,” which Hideyoshi used in the contest for strength.

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3956 Kabeshima, Yobuko-cho, Karatsu, Saga Prefecture
Tajima Shrine

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