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大梅山 興禅寺 Taibai-san kouzen-ji Taibai-san Kozenji Temple

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Kozenji Temple is located on the ruins of the house where Kasuga no Tsubone (Lady Kasuga) was born. She was from a prominent samurai family, which had taken the post of Shugo-dai (acting governor) of Mino Province (present-day southern part of Gifu Pref.). During the Warring States Period, the area around the temple was a castle town of Kuroi Castle located at the top of the mountain behind the town. In 1579, the castle fell as part of Akechi Mitsuhide’s operation to pacify the Tango region, after which Saito Toshimitsu, who was a retainer of Akechi Mitsuhide, moved to this place. At the end of this year, Lady Kasuga was born as Saito Fuku, a daughter of Saito Toshimitsu. After being defeated at the battle of Yamazaki, her father was captured and executed. Fuku escaped punishment for being a woman, and was brought up at Kozenji Temple, where she received strict lessons in calligraphy, poetry, incense burning, and other cultural studies needed as a court noble. This school time became the underlying basis of her later accomplishments as a wet nurse of Shogun. In the precinct are “Koshikake-iwa (sitting stone)” and “Sanba-ido (midwife well),” which remind us of Lady Kasuga in her early childhood.

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2263 Kuroi Kasuga-cho, Tanba, Hyougo Prefecture 669-4141
Taibai-san Kozenji Temple

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