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大阪銅器 Osaka-douki Osaka Copper Ware

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Osaka copper ware is a prefecture’s designated Traditional Craft Product. Various items including tea utensil or cake bowls are made carefully by hand. This handicraft dates back to the 16th Century, when a smelting technology called “Nanbanshibori (cupellation),” which involves the extraction of gold and silver from crude copper, was introduced into Japan. At its peak, there were more than 10,000 workmen in Osaka district. In the Edo period, all the copper excavated from the mines was purchased by Doza (a government copper administration agency) in Osaka, and Osaka thrived as the center of copperware production. The traditional techniques in metal carving, molding, and forging are applied to the present production processes. The various items from Buddhist altar decorations to daily commodities are produced now. Osaka copperware is distinctive not only in its durability but in its design as well. The beautiful curved and folded lines are unique to copper boards, and the style is very solid and sober.

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2-1-19 Kishinosato, Nishinari-ku, Saka, Osaka Prefecture, 557-0041
Osaka Douki Goushi-Gaisya

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