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床の間 Toko-no-ma Tokonoma (alcove room)

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A tokonoma is a small raised alcove in a kyakuma, a Japanese style reception room, where hanging scrolls are hung and Ikebana (arranged flowers) are displayed. A tokonoma represents Japanese consideration for others. It has a raised floor and was originally used for the honored seat for a guest of high rank but with the time it has changed to the symbol of hospitality. In the Edo period having the tokonoma was considered luxury and townspeople were prohibited from it. In the Meiji era, however, making the tokonoma in kyakuma became very popular. In the present time, the custom of hanging a screen has gone out of style, and people often even omit making the tokonoma in their Japanese style rooms. On the other hand, some fashionable apartment houses nowadays provide a Japanese style space in a part of the room. Also “Tokonoma Set” is very popular at some interior decorating shops. “Japanese mind” will continue to take root in this country.

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