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宮崎 牛越祭 Miyazaki Ushigoe-Matsuri Ushigoe Festival

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Ushigoe Festival held at Sugawara Shrine in Nishi-Kawakita, Ebino City, Miyazaki Pref. on July 28 every year is a unique festival, in which cows join in a competition. The festival is designated as an Intangible Cultural Property by the prefecture. As Sugawara Shrine was established by Sugawara Michimasa, the youngest son of Sugawara no Michizane, it is also called Ebino-shi Tenmangu.
Dozens of cows with collars on their necks, red blanket around their bodies and gohei (a ritual wand) made straw and white cloth on their back are encouraged to leap over a 4 m long log that is raised 50 cm above the ground. With the owner’s call, if a cow successfully jumps over the log, it will stay in a good health during the year. Ushigoe festival is a humorous and peaceful rite to express gratitude for the health of the livestock.

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Nishikawakita, Ebino, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan 889-4165
Sugawara Shrine

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