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矢研の滝 Yatogi-no-Taki The Yatogi Waterfall

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This 73 m waterfall located in Tsuno-cho, Koyu-gun Miyazaki Pref. is selected one of Japan’s 100 Fine Waterfalls. It is a part of Osuzu Prefectural Natural Park. The name “Yatogi (grinding an arrow)” comes from the legend that Emperor Jinmu (reigned 660-585 BC) ground his arrow in the water of this waterfall when he was on his expedition to the east from Hyuga province. The waterfall is the most famous of about 30 large and small waterfalls in Mt. Suzuo. It is a wonderful waterfall with abundant flow of clear water, which is in good harmony with the surrounding natural forest. Visitors will be struck with magnificence of its pure white water.

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Osuzu, Tsuno-cho, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan 889-1201
The Yatogi Waterfall

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