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広島 荒木家住宅 Hiroshima Araki-ke-jyuutaku Araki Farmhouse in Hiroshima

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Araki Farmhouse is a nationally designated Important Cultural Property located in Moriwaki, Hiwa-cho, Shobara City, Hiroshima Pref. Judging from the structure and techniques used for the interior details, this farmhouse is presumed to have been built from the end of the 17th C. to the early 18th C. The floor is composed of doma (the space with earth floor) and daya (the space for cows or horses), which occupies half of the total floor area, and five rooms. Among the five rooms, one that is elevated is called “Taka-ma,” where the alter for the deities is placed. The house looks seemingly an ordinary farmhouse, but if you check the details, you will notice a decorative motifs at the ends of the ridge, which looks like torii (shrine gate), and the kabuki-mon gate with shimenawa (braided straw rope). From these features it is thought that the house was resided by the generations of hereditary shrine priests.

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786 Moriwaki, Hiwa-cho, Shobara, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan 727-0321
Araki Farmhouse in Hiroshima

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