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毛越寺庭園 Moutsu-ji-teien Pure Land Gardens at Motsuji Temple

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Pure Land Garden at Motsuji Temple in Hiraizumi, Iwate Pref. is one of the two typical Heian-styled gardens in the Tohoku region; the other one is at Chusonji Temple also in Hiraizumi. The designer of the garden is unknown but the layout of garden elements shows that it was designed by a person who was knowledgeable about Sakuteiki (the Heian-period gardening manual). The garden has a large pond in its center and has elements like two islands and four peninsula beach areas, one of which is made on the southeastern shore and the other three are on the south shore. On the eastside of the pond, almost in front of the larger island, is the ruin of Kondo Enryuji Temple with the remains of the bell tower and the Sutra Repository on its both sides. According to the old record, bridges connected the island to the shores, which indicates that the garden was built in Shinden-zukuri style (the style used for the aristocracy residences in the Heian period). Though most of the rockworks in the Heian-period gardens have been destroyed, Pure Land Garden at Motsuji Temple remains unchanged for eight centuries.

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58 Hiraizumi-Osawa, Hiraizumi-cho, Nishi-Iwai-gun, Iwate Prefecture, Japan 029-4100
Pure Land Gardens at Motsuji Temple

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