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浄土寺 多宝塔 Jodo-ji tahou-tou Tahoto Pagoda at Jodoji Temple

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This pagoda was constructed in 1328 at the end of the Kamakura period. It houses the statues of Dainichi Nyorai and the attendants, which are designated as the Important Cultural Properties of Onomichi City, Hiroshima Pref. The images of Shingon Hasso (the eight founder of the Shingon sect) are painted on the walls. Compared with other Tahoto pagodas, this pagoda is relatively large in size. It is characterized by the large rotund, white, plaster-covered form extending above the lower roof. Detailed decorations are given to the nosings that appear as an extension of a tie beam of the lower story and the bracket arms and the tail rafters of the upper roof. Gorgeous brattishing with peony flowers and arabesque design is given to the frog-leg struts. Its well-balanced shape is comparable to the excellent pagodas at Koya-san Kongosanmai-in Temple or Ishiyamadera Temple. As the structure representing the late Kamakura-period architecture, the pagoda is designated as a National treasure.

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20-28 Higashi-Kubo-cho, Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan 722-0043
Tahoto Pagoda at Jodoji Temple

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