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鎌田勇平 Kamata Youhei Yuhei Kamata

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Yuhei Kamata is a craftsman in Akita cedar cooperage, a traditional handicraft in Akita Pref. Born in Akita Pref. in 1933, he is the 11th generation of Tarutomi Kamata. He was designated as a Traditional Craftsman in 1985.
Akita cedar cooperage has a long history. Several parts of tubs dating from the 15th and 16th centuries were discovered at the ruins of Akita castle. In the early Edo period (the 17th C), the production of tubs and barrels was encouraged by the Akita domain and the name of Akita cedar cooperage became known all over the country. The wood from local cedar has a fine straight grain because of the severe winter, which maintains the superb quality of the products.
While keeping the tradition as the head of an established shop with a long history since the Edo period, he cherishes innovative mind and is always making a new challenge. He highly esteems sensibility and receptivity and tries to listens to others’ opinions. This frame of mind is fully reflected in his products, which have been used for a long time in the modern life.

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4-3 Suehiro-machi, Nosiro, Akita Prefecture, Japan 016-0895
Yuhei Kamata

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