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伏見酒造 Fushimi-syuzou Fushimi Sake Brewing

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Fushimi in Kyoto has a long history of brewing sake. Some say that the Hata tribe brought along the sake brewing technique from the continent during the Yamato period (4th−6th centuries); however others say Japanese sake originated in Fushimi. Fushimi had been a flourishing port town and the traffic and distribution center in this area. During the period ruled by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, it thrived as a castle town, where people gathered for consumption. Together with its geographical conditions, renowned water was flowing from the hills near the town, which led to the development of Fushimi sake brewing. Fushimi sake is called “onna-zake” (feminine sake) because it is sweet, gentle and delicate, while Nada’s dry sake is called “otoko-zake” (masculine sake). Now Fushimi is one of Japan’s largest sake brewing centers, taking 15% of the market share. There are 30 breweries and each of them brews its distinctive sake, taking pride in the artisan spirit.

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Fushim-ku, Kyoto
Fushimi Sake Brewers Association

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