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竜串海岸 Tatsukushikaigan Tatsukushi Coast

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Heading west for 24km around the coast from Cape Ashizuri brings you to Tatsukushi Coast, where natural art objects of shales and sandstones protrude into the sea. This alternation of strata, the Tatsukushi Formation (the Miocene Misaki Group), was formed about 20 million years ago and has been eroded by strong winds and waves to create the present rock formations. As the rocks look like bamboo skewers laid side-by-side and stuck into the dragon-shaped hills along the coast, the seascape gets its name Tatsukushi (Dragon’s Skewers). The various formations have been given names like “large and small bamboo trees,” “tie-dyed curtain,” transom stone,” “kabuto stone,” and “carp’s waterfall climbing.” This is quite literally “the museum of strata” created by ocean waves.

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Tatsukushi, Tosasimizu, Kouchi Prefecture, Japan
Tatsukushi Coast

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