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鳥取 雨滝 Tottori ame-daki The Amedaki Waterfall

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The Amedaki Waterfall in Kokufu-cho, Tottori Prefecture is in the upstream of the Fukuro River, which runs out of Mt. Oginosen. The waterfall is 40 m high and 4 m wide and is the biggest waterfall in the prefecture. It is also selected as one of Japan’s 100 Fine Waterfalls. The rushing flow of water on the surface of the whinstone cliff has a tremendous impact.

The waterfall is surrounded by the virgin forest of chestnut, zelkova, and beech, which entertains the visitors with different landscapes from season to season; the brightness of fresh green leaves in spring, the mysterious harmony between the whinstone rocks and crimson foliage in fall and the solemn atmosphere of the waterfall in the snow in winter.

The waterfall has been regarded as the holy place for the ascetic training since the ancient times. In the old days, the waterfall was visited by a lot of worshippers on August 1st on the old calendar, when “Otaki Mairi Festival” was held. At the present, the waterfall opening ceremony is held on the first Saturday through Sunday in June every year, where the Shinto rituals and Kasa-odori (umbrella dance) are performed.

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Amedaki, Kokufu-cho, Tottori Prefecture, Japan 680-0201
The Amedaki Waterfall

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