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岐阜 阿弥陀ヶ滝 Gifu Amidaga-taki The Amida Waterfall

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The Amida Waterfall in Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture is in the upstream of a tributary of the Nagara River. It was named so, because when the priest Doga of Choryuji Temple at the foot of the mountain was burning a Goma fire for the ascetic training, the image of Amida Nyorai emerged out of the water.

The waterfall, which rushes down the 60 m cliff with a roaring sound, is said to be the best waterfall in the Tokai region. It is selected as one of Japan’s 100 Fine Waterfalls. The water is so clear that if you stand in front of the waterfall with your back against the rising sun, you can see your own reflection surrounded by dim rainbow in the spray of water, which looks very fantastic.

The waterfall creates different impressions from season to season; with fresh green in spring, cool air in summer and crimson foliage in fall, and the frozen waterfall at midwinter.

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Shirotori-cho Maedani, Gujo, Gifu Prefecture, Japan 501-5101
The Amida Waterfall

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