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清白寺 Seihaku-ji Seihakuji Temple

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Seihakuji Temple in Sangasho, Ymanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture is a Zen Buddhism temple of the Myoshinji school of the Rinzai sect. Its sango (the name of the mountain where the temple is located) is Kaiyusan. The main object of worship is Shaka Nyorai. It is said that the temple was founded in 1333 by Muso Soseki, who was invited here by Ashikaga Takauji. The temple buildings except Butsuden (the building where Buddha statue is placed) were destroyed by fire in 1682, right after which the reconstruction works started and completed in 1693.

The Butsuden hall, a designated National Treasure, is a 3-bay Irimoya-zukuri building with mokoshi (pent roof enclosure) and cypress bark roof. It has a simple structure, but has the lacquered kagami-tenjo (a flat ceiling made of smoothly planed boards) with colorful paintings, which are very rare for a Zen temple.

As the palm trees line along the front approach, the temple is called “Plum Temple.” Surrounded by vineyards, the temple buildings stand in tranquil nature, which relieves the mind of visitors.

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620 Sangasho, Ymanashi, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan 405-0011
Seihakuji Temple

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