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奥山幸男 Okuyama Yukio Yukio Okuyama

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Yukio Okuyama is a traditional craftsman who makes Ainu carvings of animal figures from wood: horses, deer and salmon, for example. Okuyama is a brilliant craftsman and a member of  the Hokkaido Utari Association. He also has won first prize in competitions such as the Hokkaido Ainu Crafts Competition (Hokkaido Governor Award). His outstanding abilities can be seen not only in his carvings, but also in his studies and research into Ainu Culture. Now he is working on the restoration of a traditional Ainu boat called ‘Itaomachippu’, which was used for fishing and transport . For the restoration, delicate and sophisticated skill is needed. Firstly, it is because the boards for the boat need to be bent to the correct shape by careful burning and secondly, the boat is constructed entirely without nails. Okuyama praises the skills of the Ainu culture, and he is making great efforts to preserve them. Yukio Okuyama, being a traditional craftsman, also takes orders for woodcarvings like tables and alcove posts.

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4-19-9 Aoyagi-cho, Shizunai, Shinhidaka-cho, Hokkaido
Yukio Okuyama

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