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八雲塗 Yakumonuri Yakumo lacquer ware

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This unique lacquer ware is made in Matsue and Izumo in Shimane prefecture.  Yakumo lacquer ware was invented at the end of the Edo period, when a lacquer craftsman named Heiichi Sakata, invented a new type of lacquer based on Chinese lacquer ware.
The lacquer is made using a technique of overlaying; which is then further painted with gorgeous patterns of colorful lacquer, thin shells and gold or silver powder.  This is then polished flat, and painted again with another high-quality lacquer.  This unique hand-made technique produces works of great artistry.
The more often you use one, the more vivid the groundwork appears.
It is said to take10 years for a lacquer coater to learn the technique properly and 8 years for a painter.  This difficult skill with its long history and tradition has been preserved over many years.
In the 57th year of the Showa period, Yakumo lacquer ware was designated as a Shimane Traditional Local Craft.
Yakumo lacquer ware consists mainly of trays, dishes, tiered food boxes, etc..

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1 Tono-machi, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, 690-8501
Shimane Brand Promotion Division

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