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勝山竹細工 Katuyama-takesaiku Katsuyama Bamboo Basketry

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Katsuyama bamboo basketry is a practical form of craftwork made in Katsuyama, Maniwa city, Okayama Prefecture. The derivation of this craft is unknown, yet it was originally called “Bam boo basketry of Tsukita”. Its most representative piece, the “souke” basket has been used for a long time. From bamboo work such as “cho zouki”, we can deduce that the basics were established in the late-Edo period. In 1979, Katsuyama basketry was designated as a Traditional Form of Craftwork. In addition to the sweet odor of the bamboo and the beauty of the woven bamboo, it has the attractions of fine skill, usability in daily life, and the synthesis of beauty and craftwork. The basketry is mainly made for agricultural and kitchen usage.  This practical craft has continued to be made since the creation of the “souke” and “Meshizouke” baskets. Also, it is nice to see the bamboo basketry after it has been varnished and turned a candy color with continued use.

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53-1 Katsuyama, Maniwa-, Okayama, 717-0013
Maniwashi Katsuyamashikyoku Sangyoukensetsuka

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