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剣山山渓 Tsurugi-yama-sankei Tsurugi Mountain Valley

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Tsurugi Mountain Valley is a ridge that has an altitude of 1,955m. It is located in Higashiiyama, Miyoshi District, Tokushima Prefecture. From the valley, Kishuu, Seto Inland Sea and Ashizuri Cape can be seen. The name derives from the legend that Emperor Antoku’s sword (tsurugi) was hidden in the mountains. Also, it is known as a holy mountain. Tsurugi Mountain is the second highest peak in Western Japan, after Mount Ishizuchi. The mountain is covered with large wild trees like tsuga and beech. Higher up in the mountains are fields of alpine plants, such as rhododendron and the typical Japanese plant Miyamakumazasa, a natural treasure that opens into cute flowers every season. Ichinomori, on the east side of the sword mountain, is known as ‘the beauty spot of five leaf pines’, for the native plant shikokushirabe and for the magnificent sunrise.

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1500-2 Shinmachii, Ikedacho, Miyoshi, Tokushima, 778-0004
Miyoshi District Commercial Tourism Department

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